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Sullivan County

Merrimack County

Information subject to change, and comes courtesy of several resources, including Wikipedia. Harbor Light Realty assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or timliness of the following.

Sullivan County

Acworth - See Acworth Real Estate

Population 836
Zip Code 03601
Land Area 39.9 sq. mi.
Water Area .2 sq. mi.
Town Site www.acworth.cc

Incorporated in 1766 and named after Sir Jacob Acworth, and English Admiral with interests in Portsmouth shipping. The town is located on the Southern Shore of Crescent Lake. Acworths meeting house, built in 1821 and now the congregational church, and the Acworth Silsby Library are on the National Register of Historic Places. Top

Claremont - See Claremont Real Estate

Population 13,097
Zip Code 03743
Land Area 43.1 sq. mi.
Water Area 1..0 sq. mi.
Town Site www.claremontnh.com

Settled in 1762 and is Sullivan county’s only city. The 2000 census was 13,151. The Sugar River from Lake Sunapee runs through the center of Claremont and empties into the Connecticut river. Top

Croydon - See Croydon Real Estate

Population 661
Zip Code 03773
Land Area 37.1 sq. mi.
Water Area 0.8 sq. mi
Town Site www.croydonnh.us

Incorporated in 1763 and named after a suburb of London, England. Croydon shares a town line with Sunapee, Grantham, Springfield and Newport. It is the home of numerous lakes and ponds including Loon Lake, Lake Coniston, Rockybound Pond, Spectacle Pond and Red Leaf Pond. Top

Goshen - See Goshen Real Estate

Population 741
Zip Code 03752
Land Area 22.5 sq. mi.
Water Area .1 sq. mi.
Town Site www.goshennh.org

Incorporated in 1791 and probably named after Goshen, Conneticut. Goshen is also the home to Gunnison Lake AKA "the Goshen Ocean." The Ruth LeClair Memorial Trial is a 3 mile loop around the lake. Top

Grantham - See Grantham Real Estate

Population 2,167
Zip Code 03753
Land Area 26.8 sq. mi.
Water Area 0.9 sq. mi.
Town Site www.Granthamnh.net

Chartered in 1761, Grantham is located ½ hour to Hanover, Dartmouth and 108 miles to Boston. It is the home of the Center at Eastman. It has an 18 hole golf course, 325 acre lake, 13 tennis courts and 30 kilometers of trails. Except for the lake access to these amenities for the residents of Grantham is limited. Top

Lempster - See Lempster Real Estate

Population 971
Zip Code 03605
Land Area 32.3 sq. mi.
Water Area .4 sq. mi.
Town Site www.Lempsternh.org

Incorporated in 1762 and was first granted as 9th in line of forts to guard against Indian attacks. Lempster is also the home to New Hampshire’s first wind farm. In 2008 a total of 12 turbines went into operation on Bean Mountain. Top

Newport - See Newport Real Estate

Population 6,269
Zip Code 03773
Land Area 43.6 sq. mi.
Water Area .1 sq. mi.
Town Site www.newportnh.net

Incorporated in 1761 and named for Henry Newport, a distinguished English soldier and statesman. Newport is also the Sullivan County seat and was chosen over all New England towns to host the new England Artists Trust Congress. Top

Springfield - See Springfield Real Estate

Population 945
Zip Code 03284
Land Area 43.2 sq. mi.
Water Area 0.9 sq. mi.
Town Site www.springfieldnh.net

Incorporated in 1794, though first settled in 1769 under the name Protectworth. Springfield is the home to Lake Kolelemook, This pretty lake covers 98 acres with 1.8 miles of shoreline. Top

Sunapee - See Sunapee Real Estate

Population 3,055
Zip Code 03782
Land Area 21.1 sq. mi.
Water Area 4.1 sq. mi.
Town Site www.town.sunapee.nh.us

Incorporated in 1781 the town, Lake Sunapee and Mount Sunapee share the name that comes from the Algonquian Indian words “Suna” meaning goose and “apee” meaning lake. Wendell and Georges Mills are villages in Sunapee. The town was the birth place of the rock band Aerosmith. Top

Unity - See Unity Real Estate

Population 1,530
Zip Code -
Land Area 36.9 sq. mi.
Water Area 0.2 sq. mi.

Incorporated in 1764. On June 27 2009 President Obama and former rival Hillary Clinton appeared together in Unity at their first public event since she finishing her campaign. The town was reportedly chosen because of the name and that during the 2008 primary Obama and Clinton each received 107 votes from the Unity Citizens. Top

Washington - See Washington Real Estate

Population 895
Zip Code 03280
Land Area 45.4 sq. mi.
Water Area 2.2 sq. mi.
Town Site www.washingtonnh.org

Incorporated in 1776 as Washington, after George Washington, the first named in his honor. The Seventh Day Adventist faith had it’s origins here in 1840. Washington is home to Ashuelot Pond (429Acres), Island Pond (202Acres) Highland Lake (192 Acres within Washington, Millen Pond (148 Acres) and Half Moon Pond 130 Acres). Top

Merrimack County

Andover - See Andover Real Estate

Population 2,109
Zip Code 03216
Land Area 40.5 sq. mi.
Water Area 0.9 sq. mi.
Town Site www.andovernhus.com

Incorporated in 1779 this town is home to Ragged Mt. State Forest and Proctor Academy, a private co-ed prep School of national repute. Here you will discover two covered bridges and Potter Place railroad station, built in 1874 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Andover is 90 miles North of Boston and 25 miles Northwest of Concord. Top

Bradford - See Bradford Real Estate

Population 1,454
Zip Code 03221
Land Area 35.2 sq. mi.
Water Area .7 sq. mi.
Town Site www.Bradfordnh.com

Incorporated in 1787, just nine days after the constitution was adopted. This town is the home to two lakes: Massasecum , and the Southern tip of Todd. It is also the home to fourteen of NH tallest (and still  growing!) white pines. Top

New London - See New London Real Estate

Population 4,116
Zip Code 03257
Land Area 22.5 sq. mi.
Water Area 3.1 sq. mi.
Town Site www.nl-nh.com

Incorporated in 1779 and officially named after London, England. Located south of Hanover and North of Concord, exits 11 and 12 off Route 89. New London is the home of Colby-Sawyer College, New London Hospital and New London Barn Playhouse. This town is the home to two lakes, Little Lake Sunapee and Pleasant Lake plus some of the East Shore of Lake Sunapee. Top

Newbury - See Newbury Real Estate

Population 1,702
Zip Code 03255, 03272
Land Area 35.8 sq. mi.
Water Area 2.3 sq. mi.
Town Site www.newburynh.org

Incorporated in 1837, Newbury is located on the Southern tip of Lake Sunapee. It is home to Blodgetts Landing, Mt. Sunapee State Beach, Mt. Sunapee Ski area, Lake Todd and the fells Historic site adjacent to the John Hay National wild like refuge. Top

Sutton - See Sutton Real Estate

Population 1,544
Zip Code -
Land Area 42.3 sq. mi.
Water Area 0.8 sq. mi.
Town Site www.sutton-nh.gov

Incorporated in 1784 and located 25 miles Northwest of Concord with easy access to interstate 89 and Route 114. Sutton is home to Wadleigh State Park, Kezar Lake, Gile Pond, Blaisdell Lake, and Newbury Reservoir. Top

Warner - See Warner Real Estate

Population 2,760
Zip Code 03278
Land Area 55.7 sq. mi.
Water Area 0.2 sq. mi.
Town Site www.warner.nh.us

Incorporated in 1774 this town was on of the last settled under English provincial rule prior to the revolution. Warner is home to Magdalen College, Rollins state Park and Mt. Kearsarge State forest. Top

Wilmot - See Wilmot Real Estate

Population 1144
Zip Code 03287
Land Area 29.6 sq. mi.
Water Area .2 sq. mi.
Town Site www.wilmotnh.org

Incorporated in 1794 Wilmot is home to Winslow State Park and a small part of Gile State Forest. The 2,931-foot Mount Kearsarge, on the Southeast boarder, is the highest point in town. Winslow State Park, at the North foot of the Mountain, provides access to two hiking trails to the summit. Top